Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sewing Frenzy!

I just started Thursday's on 1st Street this month. It is basically a craft show with all handmade items every Thursday during the summer. My friend and I have a booth. This year I got really into it and sewed like crazy. My house of course was a wreck but at least all the sewing helped me stay sane :)
Here's a picture of some of the stuff I've made:

I've made about 9 reversible capes and sold all but 2 of them in the 2 weeks I have been out there.
This is a Frozen cape:


I also made Superman/Batman capes.
 I had a blast designing princess skirts. Here is one of the Frozen skirts I made:

 My girls had fun modeling the skirts!

This is a Little Mermaid inspired skirt. (When Ariel wears the pink dress).
 Snow White



 I designed and made a Belle skirt but didn't snap a picture of it before I sold it. I will be making more though. I have lots more princess skirts I have designed on paper but I haven't had time to make all of them.



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