Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My new living room and craft rooom design

It has been a very crazy summer and I didn't get a chance to do to much on my blog. We moved into our new house in May and so besides all my other projects I have been unpacking and hanging up pictures. Our house was built in 1946, so it needs some updating.
 Here is one of the things I have been up to:


 Here is my craft room. I still have some decorating to do but I have a great start on it. I also painted the walls in both the craft room and the living room (my mom helped with the living room).
 I'm planning on making curtains for my shelves.

I used My silhouette to design this picture. I saw the idea to use sewing patterns for art and loved the idea. They used vintage patterns but I'm not into vintage type things so I used one that I have actually sewn.

 Living room

 I made valances and pillows for the living room.

 You can see my craft room from the living room so I have to work harder at keeping it clean.


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