Sunday, March 17, 2013

I sewed how much stuff?

I don't usually take the time to post much besides pictures of my creations but since I can't post pictures until I steal the computer from my hubby I thought I'd take the time now. I have had some big projects I have been working on the last few months. Some of which are, 14 aprons, a travel dollhouse that I designed and sewed, a Strawberry Shortcake dress and ruffled pants and a doll dress and hair flowers to match. I made quite few things for my daughter's ballarina party including: a banner, bookmarks, cupcake toppers and bows. I also made some fun books for my daughters' birthdays. I altered a dress for a friend who was going to her daughters wedding. I also made a ballarina skirt and shirt for my daughter's birthday.  Wow did I really make that much stuff? No wonder I can't keep my house clean :) A clean house is over rated anyways. At least my sewing keeps me sane, that is except for when I try to sew 14 aprons in a little over a week.

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