Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Twirly Skirt Tutorial (as a post)

I just realized that my twirly skirt pattern may not be downloading correctly. So I decided to add it as a regular post in case the PDF file won't download.

Twirly Skirt Tutorial
By Ann Good

This skirt is sized for 7-9 and for 4-6.
¾ yard of fabric for main skirt (middle).
½ yard of fabric for contrast fabric (top &bottom).
1 inch wide elastic
Coordinating thread
Cutting out:
1. Cut one 7 in. strip of contrast fabric (6 in. for size 4-6) to full width of fabric. Then cut to 34 in. by 7 in. (32 by 6 for size 4-6). (This will be the top of your skirt.)
2. Cut 2 strips 12 in. wide (10 in. for size 4-6) by full width of main fabric, then cut the 2 strips to 34 in. by 12in. (32 in. by 10 in for size 4-6). (These are the middle pieces.)
3. Cut 2 strips of contrasting fabric to 5 in. by full width of fabric, then cut both strips to 5 in. by 34 in. (5 in. by 32 in. for size 4-6). (These are the bottom pieces.)
(5/8 seam allowance unless otherwise specified)
1. Sew top contrast fabric together on 7 in. side with right sides together and press open. Set aside.

2. Take middle (12 in. by 34 in.) strips and sew the two together on 12 in. side (one side only). Do the same for 5 in. strips.
3. Then take 5 in. and 12in. strips and match up in the middle at seams (lengthwise). And sew together.
4. Press the seam up towards large strip

5. Sew together at side, matching seam lines and then press seam open.
6. Top stitch along the bottom of the middle piece.

7. Next you will be gathering (along the top of the middle strip). Start by using a basting stitch with a ½ in. seam allowance (you won’t be backstitching) and sewing from seam to seam (stopping at each seam and starting again and leaving excess thread at each end). Then you will repeat again at 3/8 seam allowance.

8. Turn bottom piece inside out and top piece right side out. Place top piece inside bottom. Pin together at seams and then find the middle and pin again and pin in the middle of those. (You will have it pinned together in 4 places.) You will want two pins at both of the bottoms side seams.
9. Find back threads and wrap around pins (keeping front threads loose).

10. Next gently pull two front threads and gather until it matches up with top piece.

11. Wrap top threads around pin and spread gathering until it is evenly spread and pin in place. Then repeat this step until the entire skirt is gathered.

12. Sew gathering to top piece. (If you prefer you can baste it in place first.) Then press seam upward and top stitch.

13. Next you will be making a casing for your elastic. Iron the top under ¼ in. and then fold again and iron to 1 ¼ in. Then stitch that down leaving an opening for your elastic.

14. Cut elastic to 2 inches less than child’s waist. Thread elastic through casing, overlap elastic and sew together. Sew casing closed.
15. Next you will be hemming the bottom of your skirt. Iron bottom under ¼ in. then fold over again to 1 in. and iron. Sew in place.
16. Yeah you are finished!

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