Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pillowcase Tutorial

I am teaching a pillowcase class at Joann Fabrics and I remade the directions I was given because they were terrible. I made up my own directions and I figured while I was at it I would include it on my blog.
Pillow Case Tutorial

¾ yard cotton fabric (A)
1/3 yard Cotton Fabric (B)
1 spool of thread
Step 1
*Cut 1, 43”x 27” rectangle from fabric (A).
(We will refer to this piece as (A) from now on.)

*Cut out 1 long rectangle 43” x 10” from cotton fabric (B)
(We will refer to this piece as (B) from now on.)

Step 2
*Fold rectangle (B) in half lengthwise and iron right sides out.

*Pin fabric (B) to fabric (A) along 43” side matching cut edges.

Step 3
*Sew (B) to (A) along 43” edge and then zigzag along the edge of that same seem.
Step 4
*Iron seam towards (A).

*Fold Pillow case in half lengthwise with right sides together. Pin the 2 unfinished sides

Step 5
*Sew along pinned sides. Then zigzag along the edge of the same seams.
*Clip corners and then turn right side out.

Step 6
*Iron the pillow case. Now you are done!

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