Monday, July 23, 2012

CTR T-Shirts

While I was on vacation my mom and I made 26 CTR  (CTR stands for choose the right).  Here's a picture of my mom when we were sewing the t-shirts.

 We made 6 of them for my moms primary class.
 We made the rest of the t-shirts for her grandkids. Here they are wearing their t-shirts.
 Here a some of my nieces and a nephew sporting their new t-shirts. Can you tell the girls are twins? They are also wearing their matching yo yo flowers.

 Here I am with my kids at Crater Lake.
When we went to Crater lake all the grandkids (who were with us) wore their CTR t-shirts.

I came up with the idea to make the CTR t-shirts last summer. I made them for all of my kids.

Here they are at the church after a primary party.

 This CTR shield I cut with my Slice (it is like a Cricut). Then I appliqued it on.
 I appliqued the shields and letters on.

I made pinwheels for my girls hair to match their t-shirts.

Here's a link for the pinwheel tutorial:

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  1. How cool you guys made those for everyone. :) I love the pinwheel bows too. So cute.