Monday, July 23, 2012

Bib and Taggy

This was a special order I had this week. I made a Minnesota Gophers bib and taggy. (The K is for their last name.)

CTR T-Shirts

While I was on vacation my mom and I made 26 CTR  (CTR stands for choose the right).  Here's a picture of my mom when we were sewing the t-shirts.

 We made 6 of them for my moms primary class.
 We made the rest of the t-shirts for her grandkids. Here they are wearing their t-shirts.
 Here a some of my nieces and a nephew sporting their new t-shirts. Can you tell the girls are twins? They are also wearing their matching yo yo flowers.

 Here I am with my kids at Crater Lake.
When we went to Crater lake all the grandkids (who were with us) wore their CTR t-shirts.

I came up with the idea to make the CTR t-shirts last summer. I made them for all of my kids.

Here they are at the church after a primary party.

 This CTR shield I cut with my Slice (it is like a Cricut). Then I appliqued it on.
 I appliqued the shields and letters on.

I made pinwheels for my girls hair to match their t-shirts.

Here's a link for the pinwheel tutorial:

4th of July Peasant Dress

I found this adorable fabric and had to make something cute for my daughter out of it. This is a fabric called Tutti Fruiti. It is one of my favorite fabrics be cause it do durable and of course cute:)

My daughter has a burn on her chin. She managed to lean over my iron when it was hot and got  burned.

My New Addiction

I have a new addiction, sewing yo yo flowers. I have been sewing them like crazy the last month and a half. Even while I was on vacation. I am selling some but I also gave a bunch to my girls and my neices. I even made them to match the CTR t-shirts my mom and I made for most of her grand kids. Here are some of my latest ones.

I found some disney princess, Minnie Mouse, and Tinker Bell buttons. I coundn't resist making  flowers with those buttons.

Bookmarks with Fun Ribbon

Here are some more bookmarks with some super fun ribbon! I know I make WAY to many bookmarks.

Appliqued Neclace T-Shirts

I saw some onsies with appliqued neclaces on them on Etsy and had try them myself. They are a lot of work but I love how they came out. Can you tell I was getting tired of it by the time I got to the second t-shirt ? I only did one neclase and I used a straight stitch instead of a tight zig zig like I usually use for applique.

Pull-up Twirly Skirt

I have been out of town for a few weeks and have really busy since school got out. This week and last week my kids have had swiming lessons.

I have been having a hard time getting to work in my craft room so one night last month I stayed up late sewing this fun skirt for my daughter. I altered my twirly skirt pattern. I've  made a couple of other ones with this same pattern. I haven't gotten around to making a pattern for this style.

Here are the other skirts I made in this style. These are my girl's Christmas Skirts.