Sunday, May 13, 2012

Apron, Flowers and Crowns

I was sick with a cold the last couple of weeks. You would think I wouldn't get much sewing or crafting done when I'm not feeling good but I got a lot done. When I feel sick I usually don't feel like cleaning but I want to feel productive so I end up sewing or crafting instead.
Here is the apron I made for myself for mothers day. My husband is not really a holiday kind of person. So I try to do something for myself instead. I've been drooling over this pink and grey fabric for a few months. I just love the color combination.

I was looking for ways to embellish the crowns I am making to sell. So I decided to try making these flowers. They are called yo yo flowers. I'm not usually a big fan of making flowers or hand stitching but I have really enjoyed making these! The other great thing about these flowers is my eight year old daughter can make them too because they are so easy to make. My 11 old son also enjoyed sewing one. He made the camouflage flower for his sisters. I love that these flowers are so easy and require minimal amounts of using a glue gun. I didn't use the glue gun on the crowns that I sewed flowers onto. That is one reason I tried them because I though they would wash well. I like to make things that are sturdy and washable whenever I can. That may because I have five kids and I want things to last. That is one reason I love making the crowns. Because they are made to last unlike the cheap plastic crowns that break very quickly.
I think making these kind of flowers are going to be a new addiction:)

Here's a link to a tutorial on making the yo yos:

I just added a fabric covered button and glued them to a hair clip or a headband. I used velcro on the back of them so that my daughters could put them on a hair clip or a headband.

 My 8 year old daughter with the flowers she made and the one her brother made.

Here are the crowns I made this week. I probably won't be making anymore crowns with flowers to sell because they take to long to make with the flowers.

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