Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tribute to Ruffled Pants :)

Can you tell I have an obsession with ruffled pants. These are most of the ruffled pant I have made in the last two years. I love them because they are relatively simple (if you have a ruffler foot) and they are adorable of coarse.  The pattern I used for these ruffled pants is: McCall's 6062

For these capris I made them shorter than the pattern and only did one ruffle.

I have to say that one of my favorite fabrics is Tutti Fruiti. The fabric stores usually carry it in the spring. I love the bright spring colors that they but besides that I also love that the fabric relatively sturdy. I have made Easter dresses for my daughters out of it before and had them last well over two years. They even looked relatively good after that amount of time even with them wearing them all the time.

I also love corduroy for how sturdy it is. I made four pairs of ruffled pants for my eight year old daughter since she needed more pants and it seemed like fun for me. Although she ended up deciding she doesn't like some of them which irks me because I worked very hard making them.
I added ribbon and a bow to most of them to.

I made this outfit as a special order for a friends daughter.

One of my first pairs of ruffled pants.

I made these out of flannel. I haven't liked how the flannel has held up though.

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