Sunday, March 11, 2012

Twirly Skirt Tutorial

I have some favorite projects that I make over and over again. Twirly skirts are one of those projects. I love them because they are quick and easy and I have two young daughters to make them for. I actually have made a tutorial for my twirly skirts. This may be the only tutorial I share for awhile because of lack of time.
Here is the link for my tutorial:
Twirly Skirt Tutorial

Here are pictures of some of the twirly skirts I have made:

This one of my favorite Skirts. I also made the matching crown and superhero cape. I will post more on those projects later because those are some of my favorite projects.
 Valentine's Day Skirt

 I made a matching messenger bag to go with this skirt. I will post more on my messenger bags later.

I have also done variations of my twirly skirts (I haven't added those to my tutorial yet). Here are pictures of those:


  1. your daughter must be so happy!

    1. My 2 daughters love their skirts and wear them all the time.