Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ruffled Skirt For Me

I just finished this ruffled skirt for myself last night. First off I am going to say that am not at my ideal weight. I guess that what comes from enjoying sweets to much:)  With that being said, it is difficult finding a pattern that works for me. A couple of years ago I found a pattern that works for me and since then I have been using the basic line of it and adding my own twist to it. I saw this skirt tutorial :

I had to try it but I am not exactly a size 4 at the moment so I took the idea and made my own with my go to pattern. (Butterick B4803  the style E) Here are the results:

 Okay so this is what I look like when I sew, no makeup and my hair in a ponytail. Don't look to closely at my floor because as everyone knows who sews you can't very well have a clean house at the same time:) Especially when you have five children running rampant while you sew.

Here's the pattern: B4803
Here is another skirt that I made using that pattern for a base. (My photographer is my 11 year old son.)

Here is another one I added a ruffle to.

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