Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Craft Room Redo

I am not quite done with redoing my craft room yet but I have to share pictures because I think it is coming out great. I can't paint my craft room because we are renting our house or I would have blue walls.
The shelves and pegboards I bought at Michael's. I am going to have to add brackets to them because the books are a little heavy for the shelves.

I whipped up the curtains for my shelves on Friday and Saturday.

 Here is my brand new sewing machine. It is a Brother and has 60 different stitches. The ideas for all the things I can sew with all of those fun stitches are already poring in!

I covered some canvases with batting then fabric and added ribbon.

Would you like to know where some of my inspiration has come from? The first thing that really got me going on it was this book:
The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker
First off I have to say that I am no longer a scrapbooker. I am a papercrafter I enjoy making cards, bookmarks, cupcake toppers and whatever else strikes my fancy with paper and of course I am an avid sewer we can't forget that. Anyways the reason I loved the book and couldn't put it down (yes can you believe that? I usually don't sit down and read straight threw a non-fiction book) is because they help you figure out how you should store your stuff based on your needs and your crafting personality. They also explain the why's of how you should store your crafting supplies and much more.
Here is a link to Amazon and the book:

Here is my pinterest board for craft room ideas if you would like some inspiration:

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  1. Wow Ann, I love your craft space! Gotta be great to have such a large area for all your stuff. And of course all of the birthday ideas and cake toppers are adorable!